“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.”

― Albert Einstein


It is people who drive the success of your business. One important variable in the people equation is experience. At Absolute-North we help people to gain in a short period of time a multitude of experiences that will help them to be more successful. We do this in a safe “laboratory”  setting where they can push their limits and discover and develop their individual abilities.


Artificial Experience Building (AEB)

Absolute-North has been at the forefront of experienced based learning for more than a decade and a half.  Our proprietary method of Artificial Experience Building (AEB) is at the core of all of our programs providing engagement and a practical focus to our programs that has been universally successful across business functions, cultures, and geographical regions.

What are the roots of AEB?

Artificial Experience Building has its roots in the US Military, and is where the founder of Absolute-North, David Winegar, first learned of the methods in his work in the records declassification branch of the National Archives and Records Administration of the United States of America.  AEB is a  method of training commanders to make decisions on the battlefield by using elaborate simulations. The aim of the simulation was to build the personal “database” of experience of commanders before they got into actual battle situations.

Absolute-North has adapted this training method for the corporate world by creating Artificial Experience Building simulations for leaders. We believe that the corporate battlefield is as demanding and as complex as the military battlefield. Our simulations help participants to discover better what works for them and builds their personal database of experience in handling challenging situations. In a short period we can greatly increase the experiences that people have to call on in challenging situations, helping them to perform at a higher level.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

aboutNo two persons are alike. The craftsman of the terracotta army that accompanied Emperor Qin to the afterlife took care to craft each and every soldier with a unique face, developing each one’s characteristics. The same is true with management development. The one size fits all programs
popular in the past have given way to programs that take into account the individual needs of participants.

At Absolute-North all of our programs incorporate our unique processes for individualizing the experiences to meet predefined goals of participants. Like the terracotta craftsmen of ancient China, we help craft each one of our participant’s individual leadership and management skills. We help each one to discover their strengths and work through their areas of development with a personal program.

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