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It has been some time since I have posted anything about sales and an experience today reminded me that still, many companies have a long way to go before understanding the human brain and how it relates to sales.

I am going to name companies in this because it is important to the context – I will not name names. My plant-based start-up @plantagusto ships a lot of samples around the world. We have been using @DHL to do that and have mostly been satisfied until today.

After a few shipments, we thought it would be wise to open an account assuming that we would get some discounts. Boy was I wrong. After doing 3 shipments I started to look at what we were being charged and found out we were paying 107% more for shipping as a “preferred customer” than just waking off the street and shipping without an account.

When I complained to my account manager, he began to make a lot of excuses, none of which made any logical sense. Such as they must provide service in Finnish, customer support, and invoicing. All I could do is scratch my head at this. What does this have to do with overcharging me? I am sorry but this just makes no logical sense.

But what this salesperson did not understand is the number one rule in selling anything to anyone – fairness. People don’t want the cheapest or even care about having the cheapest, what they care about is being treated fairly. into the brain and something every human being looks for in any relationship, business or personal. I certainly did not feel that I was treated fairly by creating an account and saying I want to be a regular customer, and then having @DHL turnaround and charge me double for having the luxury of me giving them my business.

I took the time to express my opinion, offered a chance to make it right, but still I got excuses. This just pushes me away. In fact, @UPS got my business today. The lesson is to learn when to shut up and just say you are sorry and ask the customer to give you another chance. Most will.

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