Brainsights has been released!

Our founder, David Winegar has released his latest book Brainisights.

Brainsights was a labor of love of mine. It is the result of more than 2 years of research into the latest findings emerging from neuroscience and how we can use that information to live, love and lead a better life.

I have been a strong believer in the power of neuroscience to provide insight into human behavior for the last 10 years. I instantly saw in neuroscience the power to get a more clear understanding of what drives human behavior. It was a strong influence on my own life and in helping me to understand better myself and others. I used neuroscience everyday to make better decisions and improve my interactions with others. It is my hope that this book will do the same for others. I hope people will find inspiration in it and the motivation to use a higher understanding to live a better, more fulfilling life.

The book is available on all the Amazon marketplaces in eBook and Paperback format, including a full-color version with beautiful original watercolor artwork from the brilliant Kati Immonen, and a B/W economy edition for those that want print without the costs.

The book also has a support group on Facebook where you can discuss and ask questions regarding the research. Please join me at

David C. Winegar