Trust is Not a Soft Skill

It is sometimes difficult to convince company leaders to invest in what they think is just fluff – or the technical word for it “soft skills.”  Many are of the belief that people skills are optional and there is no evidence to show that they help the bottom line at all.  This is simply not the case, especially when we talk about trust.

The correlation between trust and performance is high and two meta-studies have confirmed it.

The first looked at 112 independent studies involving 7 763 teams and found that intrateam trust positively related to team performance with a correlation of ρ = .30.

The second looked at virtual teamwork and covered 52 studies of more than 1 850 teams and 12 000 people and found a strong and positive relationship between trust and virtual team effectiveness (ρ = .33)

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  1. Trust and Team Performance: A Meta-Analysis (98 downloads)
  2. Does Trust Matter More in Virtual Teams? A Meta-Analysis (118 downloads)

Learn how your organization can maximize trust through a science-based method of measurement, development, and tracking.