Marjatta Takala, Ph.D.Marjatta Takala

Nationality: Finnish
Education: Ph.D. Professor of Special Education, Docent of Special Education, Senior Lecturer of Special Education

Marjatta is our resident actor/trainer/researcher. She is currently adjunct professor at the University of Oulu, and a adjunct professor at the University of Helsinki, in the special education department. Her research interests include e.g. hearing-impairment and communication problems as well as action methods, especially playback theatre. Playback theatre is a beloved hobby as well as volleyball and reading. She is our research expert and has been working with us since 2002 on our Artificial Experience Building programs.

Published Research

Leadership developmental needs – a system for identifying them

Published in the Australian Journal of Adult Learning, Volume 49, Number 1, April 2009.

Marjatta Takala and Jorma Kuusela, University of Helsinki, Finland, David Winegar, Founder, absolute-North Ltd. Helsinki, Finland.

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