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c-iqOur lives revolve around conversations. It is the driving force in all interactions, both personal and business. The key to future organizational success is to develop our conversational intelligence (C-IQ) to a higher level to better motivate, inspire, and lead people. Our programs in developing organizational Conversational Intelligence provide participants with a framework for developing their conversational abilities to build better working relationships. We take the latest research and provide hands-on training in how to apply that knowledge every day to drive greater engagement and success in the workplace.

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Elämämme on jatkuvaa keskustelua. Ne ovat kaikkea vuorovaikutusta ylläpitävä voima. Tulevaisuuden organisaation menestyksen avain on keskustelemisen taidon kehittäminen korkeammalle osaamistasolle. Vain tällä tavalla kykenemme paremmin motivoimaan, inspiroimaan ja johtamaan ihmisiä.
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Leadership going from good to great


One meta-analysis (a synthesis of some 80 well-conducted studies on productivity) showed that for persons in high-level jobs, the productivity difference between the top person and the others is huge. The top performer is 127% more productive than the mean and infinitely more productive than those at the bottom. The researchers used the word “infinitely” because the number was so large that it would have been imprecise to say anything else.
So how do you move from just being “good” to being an “exceptional” performer and a highly effective leader? The answer is to provide the good with the opportunity to experience, practice and develop their leadership into something great. This is what we do at Absolute-North.
“Managers are people who do things right and leaders are people who do the right thing.” (Bennis and Nanus)

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Embrace the heart and drive success


The latest research into leadership shows that effective leadership needs more than just reason and logic.  In order to win commitment to organizational change leaders must be able to embrace emotion and use it to win hearts and minds.

Are your leaders comfortable with their own emotions?  Are they able to use emotion to motivate and inspire those working for them?  It is a skill that can be developed and should be developed if your organization is to become more competitive and more globally successful.  Take a moment and download our brochure on how we can help your people to use emotion to win commitment and also download a free article from Ivey Business Journal entitled Engage the heart: Appealing to the emotions facilitates change, by Gerard H. Seijts and Grace O’Farrell.

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Transforming your feedback culture

Having the right feedback culture is imperative to future global success.
If you are not managing your feedback culture, you are risking the future success of your organization. Having a culture of open and honest feedback where managers and subordinates participate in a constructive dialogue to meet head on challenges and develop opportunities is what drives organizational success. If your organization is struggling with how to meet the challenges of global competition, of how to innovate and produce better products and services, the place to begin is with developing to a higher degree your feedback culture. We can help.

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Leadership of change is vital to organizational success

alignmentAs is evident from our latest published research (”Leadership developmental needs—a system for identifying them,” Australian Journal of Adult Learning, April 2009), managers across the globe overwhelmingly perceive inter-communication skills as their top development area. Communicating for change becomes an ever more complicated task, and one that is vital for optimizing performance to drive recovery and growth. Our program prepares your people to better communicate strategic initiatives, sell their ideas, and handle difficult situations in a sensitive and sensible manner, taking into account the needs and expectations of the individuals involved, and especially the “survivors” of restructuring.

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Communicating in difficult times


The current economic downturn is forcing companies to tighten their belts, downsize and restructure. These strategic decisions require your managers to communicate to their teams tough decisions. It is wrong to assume that your managers and supervisors will know what to say and how to handle sensitive conversations right the first time. Have they thought out fully the impact their message will have? Have they anticipated the tough questions that will follow? We can help. Our Artificial Experience Building method has helped countless managers around the world to get insight that will help them to deliver the correct message by practicing and receiving critical feedback on message delivery.

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Microexpressions: Hear what is not being said

methodPeople cannot totally conceal their emotions, and microexpressions occur when we try to hide or repress how we feel. Unlike regular facial expressions that last for a few seconds, microexpressions (lasting only about 1/25 of a second) cannot be controlled. Delivered either as individual or group coaching, our microexpressions training can help you to recognize how people feel, see the impact your behavior has on others, and better understand the people you interact with. You will never look at people again the same way.

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A.E.B. for performance discussions


Give them not only the tools but also the experience to do the job right.

Theoretical training alone cannot prepare your managers to handle the challenges that arise during performance reviews. Artificial Experience Building is a powerful method that trains managers to give better feedback, set clear goals, and discuss incentives in a constructive manner.

We create a “safe laboratory” environment where participants engage in real-to-life performance discussions and receive individual coaching and feedback. This builds confidence, improves communication, and creates an atmosphere where subordinates feel supported. We help your company to use performance reviews to boost productivity, increase morale and drive better business results.

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Leadership of urgency

The failure of organizations to transform and meet increased global competition is directly tied to a failure to create a culture of urgency.
A lack of urgency in corporate culture is one of the key forces that result in organizations losing their competitive advantage.  People stuck in processes and patterns that no longer drive the organization forward.  It is as Einstein said, “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  absolute-North can help you to develop a culture of urgency by helping your key leaders to develop urgent behaviors and communication styles that motive and inspire people towards new goals.  Download our brochure and contact us today to learn more

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Organizational and individual accountability

Absolute-North’s program in individual and organizational accountability asks participants to rethink how they respond to challenges, difficulties and problems to achieve higher levels of trust and performance. Our program focuses on the “new” accountability model where people disclose beforehand what will happen—a “presult” or a predetermined result. The outcome of developing this model is a higher level of trust which frees people from managing the details of others.

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