B2B sales is changing dramatically.  McKinsey rightly predicted that “organizations large and small are following the lead of business-to-consumer (B2C) retailers… by making smarter use of customer data to predict behavior, drive sales, and deepen relationships.”  Is your organization taking advantage of the latest tools to help you take your sales to the next level?

Absloute-North has partnered with ZEF to develop together a 360 sales development program to lead your sales to the next level by incorporating next generation sales profiling.

Overview 360 Sales Development

How it Works

ZEF Takes Care of Your Prospects

ZEF takes care of the pre-sales meeting surveying with their intelligent survey system that returns not only the prospect’s needs but also their DISC profile (more information on DISC).  This information provides powerful insight into the prospect and how to better approach them to make your pitch more successful.

The data collected assists your sales and marketing team to more precisely target the customer with a focused agenda and targeted pre-meeting material.  The result is a personalized experience from first contact with your prospect.


Absolute-North Takes Care of your Sales Team

Using DISC for a deeper understanding of self and prospect

Absolute-North works directly with your sales team to help them understand their own DISC profile.  Understanding what their dominate selling style is and how to either use it or adjust it when meeting the prospect, means the sales person can go in with confidence that their approach will be better accepted.

Our proprietary database of DISC coaching advice provides specific advice on how to approach each customer type based on the salesperson’s dominate selling type, providing specific tips on words to use, approaches to take, where to focus, and what to avoid.

Presentations that “speak” to the prospect

We develop with your salespeople targeted presentations taking into account their DISC profile.  We teach them how to adjust their information, the way they present and what they focus on to each individual prospect type.  We then coach them to deliver the perfect, targeted, presentation.

Coaching your team to higher performance

The data from ZEF will provide them with the information needed to focus their sales preparation.  The coaching from Absolute-North will arm them with the sales tools they need, and give them the experience in delivering that presentation to a high level.  Together let us help your team take sales to the next level.

A 360 approach to selling and sales.

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