Building Trust – How to Release Oxytocin

Mom And Child Oxytocin Release

I released last week (October 14, 2017) the companion book to our Leadership Brand Tool entitled The Elevator Pitch of You.  The inspiration for writing that book came from seeing the experiences of those that used the tool in crafting personal statements that have the potential to build excellent trustful relationships.  It is only through trust that we can provide joyful working experiences.

The trust chemical, oxytocin, is the one that is released when we have high levels of trust.  It is the same chemical released when our mother’s hold us.  It then makes sense that when we are in high trust relationships at work, we feel safe and protected.  What does it mean for the workplace?  If we can develop high trust relationships, if we can trigger that release of oxytocin, we can argue, we can disagree, we can let our feelings be known without fear.   It is no wonder that high trust organizations are more healthy.


Neuroscientist Paul J Zak has identified 8 factors that increase trust; ovation, eXpectation, yield, transfer, openness, caring, invest and natural (O.X.Y.T.O.C.I.N.).  Our leadership brand tool hits on each of those factors by raising the conversations that leaders have to the level of share and discover.

Our tool helps people to write a statement that expresses the person they are in a way that captures what neuroscience tells us connects with people, warmth, and competency.  It takes them by the hand, and step-by-step shows them how to express their qualities in this framework.


Let me give some examples to illustrate.  These are taken from actual persons that have used the tool as part of a leadership development program.  Read carefully each and then think about how these statements provide a more clear understanding of how to work better with that person.  Think of the possibilities of opening higher level share and discover conversations.  You start to see the potential.

Example 1

I am a leader who is always looking for new ways to improve our working methods and processes to help improve the everyday life of others. I have a long organizational work history and I have experience from many parts of the company which provides me with an excellent picture of how things are done in the company and how those could be improved. I treat people equally and I am always open to new ideas. I value learning through challenges. Challenges are opportunities to re-evaluate our current state and see if there is room for improvements.

Example 2

I am a logical, analytic, and team-oriented person who values independence and creative thinking. I am flexible in my approach to how the team meets its goals and considerate of new ideas and ways of working.  I value accountability and believe that setting measurable baselines and targets before work has begun will lead to the most significant success.

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