B2B Sales and Trust

Trust is something that is vital to sales and to the B2B relationship and something that must be nurtured at various points in the sales process.  I was viewing a graph of the trust levers across the B2B journey from White Rhino and found it very insightful and wanted to share it here.

The B2B Trust Journey
Image credit White Rhino 2017

What is important to understand here is that in the “personal connection” stage it is vital to establish the relationship and work to keep the customer’s “lizard brain” from triggering their negative neurons.  I was just yesterday talking with one of my B2B sales customers (Tuomas Saastamoinen @Konecranes) who is always exceptionally insightful about the customer relationship and he was talking about putting yourself in the right frame of mind.  How it is so important to go into a meeting with the right attitude and mindset.  He described it this way…

You should go in with the feeling like you just came back from the doctor after a serious health scare and found out that everything is OK.  That feeling of complete relief and joy, of being so happy that no matter what happens you are happy with life.  If that guy you are meeting is negative or not interested, what does it matter?  Life is grand.

Going into the meeting with the mental picture that “life is grand” is how you put out the right vibes to the people you are selling to that appease their “lizard brains” and open their minds to the next round of collaborative solution building.

Don’t forget the trust building when you go to your next sales meeting.